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Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

All Bangladeshi nationals need valid Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) to travel abroad. The Bangladesh High Commission , Kuala Lumpur issues and re-issues MRP to bonafide Bangladeshi nationals following due procedure of the Government of Bangladesh.

There are two categories of application:

New Passport

Applicants under this category are for

  • Hand written passport holders or
  • Minors who were younger than 5 years old when they obtained their existing MRP,
  • Applicants born outside of Bangladesh i.e. New Born Baby,entitled to obtain a Bangladesh Passport by Descent

Passport Re-Issue

Applicants under this category are

  • who have  MRP ( Machine Readable Passport) and want toget Reissue of their passport or
  • Make Correction on their MRP Passport for clerical mistake.

Procedures and Required Documents for New Passport

  • Online application have to be made from the link and then have to get the print copy of the application with the bar code generated.
  • Along with the bar code generated application print, have to present physically in the High Commission for biometric enrolment (to capture finger print, signature and photograph).


Documents Required:

a) Printed copy of duly filled in Online MRP application form and signed accordingly.

b) Bangladeshi national ID card or online17- digit Birth Certificate.

c) Existing Bangladesh passport along with photocopy (page1-7).


For every applicant Recent passport-size photograph (55X45 mm) with white background
If the applicant is a child under the age of 15 Parents’ photographs should be affixed on the application form
Child up to the age of 5 One extra photograph is also required for photo scanning.

e) Passport Fee Payment Receipt.

f) Visa copy.

Procedures and Required Documents for Category 2

  1. Currently, the MPR is valid for 5 years and it is not renewable like the hand-written passport. As such,MRP should be re-issued once the validity is about to expire.
  2. Please note that a new MRP will be issued in case of MRP reissue.
  3. Applicant along with his old MRP copy, visa copy and MayBank deposit slip need to send No-5, Lot 9 & 10, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, , 54100 Kuala Lumpur through POS Malaysia (POS LAJU) and any other postal service.
  4. Application related to substantive changes of applicant’s antecedent (i.e Name of applicant/ father/ mother/ date of birth) will not be received. Only clerical mistakes correction may be entertained.

 Documents Required:

  1. Filled-up 1 page application form(DIP Form 2). FormCan be downloaded from .
  2. 1 passport size photograph (not mandatory).
  3. Copy of previous MRP.
  4. Copy of visa.
  5. Passport Fee payment receipt.
Passport Fee

The passport fee is RM 484. But for students and General workers, the fee is RM 145. If anyone wants to avail of the opportunity of paying the fee of RM 145, he/she must have to attach an appropriate supporting document such as a visa copy as proof of their claim being a student or general worker. As for illustration, if an applicant holds Professional Visa, he/she is to pay RM 484.

Payment Method

Passport fee have to pay in May Bank, Account Name: Bangladesh High Commission, Account Number: 564427102268. Any online fund transfer, ATM transfer, Bank Cheque/ Draft is not acceptable. May Bank Yellow Cash payment slip is only accepted.On the payment receipt, applicant name and passport number are to be mentioned accurately.High Commission will not be held responsible for payment related mistakes.

Checking the status of passport application once applied

You can check the status by clicking , you need to put the delivery slip number and your birth date there. If you see the status from here that “passport is ready, pending for issuance”, that doesn’t imply that passport has been reached to Embassy. Once passports get printed at DIP, Dhaka, this status can be seen.

You also can check the status from the face book page of Bangladesh High Commission, Kuala Lumpur.